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As mentioned on the home page I was diagnosed at 4 months of age. I am now just short of my 38th Birthday. I live in Hobart Tasmania with my Husband and Son (who I believe is so precious and such a gift, I am thankful every day that I have been able to experience the parenting life!). Most of my adult life I have been able to hold down full time employment in administrative roles and for the last 8 years my Husband and I have been running our own building/maintenance company. This has been a blessing in itself as I can schedule my work around running a home, being a mum and managing my illness.

From an earlier age my parents had made the decision for my life to be as close to what is considered a normal life as possible. That I believe has made the biggest impact on my life today as I tend to fit my medical needs into my everyday life without out it making a massive impact thus it becomes my normality. Therefore Making living with CF a lot more manageable. I’m Constantly aware of what is happening within my body and manage my illness so I can enjoy family time instead of hospital time.

I lost my Brother to CF almost 10 years ago when he was at the age of 24. We were very close and shared a special bond and many hospital trips together!. Losing him reiterated what I had always thought which was to live life to the fullest as we are only here to enjoy it once!. He certainly did that and it is a constant reminder for me to also. I like to think that I am the type of person that takes anything thrown at me and see it as a challenge rather than an obstacle.

I consider myself to be lucky in that I am strong and determined and I have great friends, family and an amazing husband who all constantly remind me of how supported I am. It also helps as I enjoy going out and having a social life, enjoying family trips, oh and I do love laying around home and watching a good series or movie!

If you want to explore more of my life and living with CF ?

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