Genetic Appointment

Next appointment was genetics! I found this very interesting! Although poor Hubby did not feel the same.  I was intrigued over the explanation given around BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes and how a mutation may occur, then how that mutation can have a higher risk of developing breast cancer (or sometimes other cancers such as ovarian). To find the mutation would mean most likely for me further decisions around double mastectomy and or removal of the ovaries. To not find the mutation would most likely mean that my body has just decided to do what it does best and throw something else in the works because it didn’t believe that CF was enough and perhaps it needed to see just how far it could be pushed (LOL).  So I accepted the fact that I would have to have a blood test (not as willingly as I think they would have hoped) and was off to pathology.

Now I am someone who always likes to give my opinion when it comes to my health and especially when it comes to needles as I really, really, really, did I mention really dislike them and I’m sure you’ve read that a 100 times or more if you’ve read the majority of my blog! So I advised the blood nurse where the best place would be to take blood from my arms as my veins are really not the best and that’s why I have an infusaport!

  • She of course said “hmm yes but I think I like this spot and this vein!”
  • I said “Yes that’s what most people say to me when they are wanting to take blood but that area never normally will bleed!”
  • … she said “I’m sure I will get it to bleed it looks quite big and strong!”
  • I kindly replied “I would prefer that you use the other arm where I advised”.
  • She said “I’m pretty confident that this will be a good spot”.

So I look away and the she proceeds to insert the needle!

“Oh that is odd! I’ve put the needle in and am not getting anything back, it’s near vanished and I can’t get blood!”

“Well it’s not odd to me because you are probably the 20th person to have not listened to me and that’s exactly what happens, that’s why I generally ask if you can use the other arm!”

“That’s ok I’ll just take it out and try just up a little further!”

By this stage I was getting frustrated and really wanted to give the speech of…” I respect the position that you hold and I am sure that you are fantastic at it but I have known my body for 37 years and have quite an understanding about what it does and doesn’t like to do!, perhaps we could just try where I have asked and then if that does not work, I will accept that you have far better knowledge of my body!” BUT I chose to be polite and sat there to have the same outcome at which she decided it was best to call a fellow colleague in and get her thoughts on the situation. Again I advised my thoughts and they fell on deaf ears! She decided she would use the arm that I advised but not the area as the area above looked so much better! Again I advised that I normally do not have blood there either! But was assured she definitely felt it was the best spot and proceeded to try and take blood!  Funnily enough no blood and the vein had vanished! Another “unexplained this never happens incident!” So after the 3rd attempt and no blood, both decided that it might be best to try where I had suggested the whole time! Low and behold it bled and they were able to complete the test! Only to then find out that they were required to take 2 samples!.  2nd sample was taken and they apologised for all the extra needles but couldn’t possibly explain as to why they couldn’t get blood. Meanwhile Hubby had been waiting and I had been sitting there for 30mins more than required all because I feel they didn’t want to believe that I may actually know my body!

Thankfully there was a rush put on my results and I should have some answers after 2 weeks so again just a waiting game!


Shelley Scott
October 15, 2017 at 10:38 pm

How patient you are Cemon. It must have been so frustrating when they wouldn’t listen to you and thus, you had to endure all those useless needle insertions. Best wishes for you that the results are what you are wishing for.

October 15, 2017 at 10:47 pm

Your such a tough cookie babe, so much stronger than me . I would of just burst into tears, actually that’s what I just did at my last hospital visit when they couldn’t get blood.

Verne Larkins
October 16, 2017 at 5:53 am

What happened to the 3 goes your out rule we have. I would have been a lot more insistent and told them to take it from where you said, or you would go somewhere else where they actually listen to their customers/patients.
And they wonder why so many people are really, really, really, afraid of needles. You are one strong, patient lady.

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