Holiday Time!

The trip away was definitely what the doctor ordered LOL. We had an amazing time and created some fantastic memories that will last a life time. It was fabulous to share our friend’s wedding and the honeymoon was an added bonus! I could honestly say that Thailand had never been on my bucket list of things to do! In fact I had turned close friends down previously (am not sure why perhaps fear of the unknown). But I will most certainly be adding it to the list of things I need to do again! And maybe again! LOL.

I was of course concerned that something may happen to my health whilst we were over there! I had only just been given the all clear for the punctured lung that I had recently endured and that lasted months (1 week before I left I got the all clear, not going down right to the wire or anything?). So I took it pretty easy in Queensland in fear that I wouldn’t make the other flights if something were to happen! It also didn’t help that I was unable to get health insurance either! Why is that? I had gone through the list for CF (1 hospital admission in the last year, no ongoing issues, can walk easily without getting short of breathe, last time they insured me for CF as I had been several years without admission) I got a tick to continue and it looked like they would give me the insurance again……. Had to tick the box for cancer and answer those questions! And I got a big fat No! I was pretty pissed! My only concern was that my lung may cause dramas that would require some medical help (I can pretty much manage it on my own and the pain though it’s only if it deflated to more than normal) and they appeared to be going to cover me for that. Tick another box and I am automatically ruled out! Here I was thinking we are supposed to be ticking all the boxes in life. LOL Clearly the insurance company didn’t agree!

Thankfully I managed the whole trip and only became unwell for the last 2 days that we spent in Bangkok and I couldn’t put it down to whether it was because of the humidity, something I ate or I had just picked up a 48hr bug! Thankfully Hubby and friends were very understanding and I just skipped out on a few things and slept! However one of the evenings,   I did force myself to go for a Tuk Tuk ride/race and to Hard Rock for Tea but unfortunately just had to watch others eat, the Tuk Tuk driver was very grateful for my meal that they forced me to take home in a doggy bag even though they knew I felt that sick which is why I couldn’t eat it at their restaurant!

All in all we had a fabulous time and definitely will be heading back. Maybe as a treat for finishing radiation if I have to go down that path! It was advised that if it was a go ahead it would be a minimum of 6 weeks, so surely that would require a holiday after!!

I received the phone call after we got back to advise that I start on the 16th October!



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