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2 weeks to the day and genetics rang to advise the results of the testing. Thankfully I didn’t have either BRCA 1 or BRCA2 gene mutations. They did however want to request further testing as there are more genes that aren’t as predominant which I could still be positive for. They also asked permission to participate in a trial for other screening they are working on in hopes that there may be some answer to explain why? So I will now have to wait the further testing which can take months and then see whether the trial brings any further answers. So for now it was just waiting to see the oncologist specialist Louise again to see what, if any, the next steps were to be.

That appointment came around quite quickly and she was happy with how I was travelling with the Tamoxifen (hormone blocker) at this stage and didn’t think I would require any further surgery due to the BRCA genes coming back negative. It may be something they look into a little later down the track but for now continue on the tablet (easy) and refer me back to the surgeon for him to refer me to the Radiation Specialists. At this point in time due to not having chemo they believe that Radiation may be the only course of other treatment they can provide as preventative.

So back to the surgeon to be referred to a Radiation Specialist. It’s really quite baffling to me as to why we don’t have a cancer centre that perhaps has everything required in one area. I am so grateful and lucky that I have this with my CF team it makes managing appointments and seeing professionals that I need to see so much easier. I know it took years to develop but hey Cancer has way more funding, surely it makes sense! Plus I am sure it would make it all a little less confusing, especially for older patients. I am constantly confused as to where I need to be going or who I need to be seeing and what they may offer!

It only took 4 days for the Radiation Specialist to agree to see me which was very quick! Hubby and I sat in what seemed like the 100th waiting room in 3 months! Well it was certainly worth the wait, whether or not I can have the treatment was still to be determined but the specialist was AMAZING!! His explanation as to why the preventive therapy was required and how much it could reduce the chances of the cancer coming back to that area to as little as 5%, he even had a power point presentation on his laptop to guide us through. The odds were so much better than that of chemo! He and his team would complete a 3D image of my chest and would complete sample tests to ensure how much impact the treatment would have on my chest! I was heading away to the Gold Coast for a good friend’s wedding and then continuing on the honeymoon with them to Thailand so would be away for roughly 3 weeks. So by the time I was to be back they should have an answer as to whether they deemed it safe enough and if so a start date!  Both Hubby and I were so pleased at how much they were taking my CF into account. We really felt that my overall health was a real priority to him and not just treating the cancer. He had basically said that also, which was very comforting.

So that waiting game was again on! Only this time I was going to be waiting and having some fun! Basking in the Sun, drinking cocktails and spending much needed quality time with friends and family. Giving me an opportunity to put the past 3-4 months out of my head and worry about any treatment that may be, when we get back!

Look out Thailand and the Gold Coast! The Free’s are coming!!



October 16, 2017 at 8:23 pm

Monnie that sounds fantastic 😍
Have an awesome trip, will look forward to the photo’s.
It sounds like you are in great hands with your medical team. Goodluck for when you come back.
#teammon #yougotthis #alcoholisawesome

Verne Larkins
October 17, 2017 at 6:13 am

You are a strong person, and with Brett and your little man beside you and your loved ones around to support you, there is nothing you and Brett can’t do.
You’ve got this. xx

Pam Larkins
October 17, 2017 at 5:13 pm

Hi sweet girl, God I am so proud of you, Brett, and your little man, As your mum said you sure are very strong, must take after the Drinkwater side. My Great Great Great Grandmother held off a group of men who wanted to enter her home to ransack it. She wasn’t going to let that happen. And your strength is just as wonderful, Love you sweetheart xo

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