Week Post Surgery

The week following surgery went quite slow. Recovery was frustrating in the fact that my chest barely hurt at all from the tumour removal, my underarm was quite sore and tender from the lymph node biopsy and often ached. But the worst part of recovery was the pain and inability to walk and stand properly after the groin surgery and that was an optional extra so to speak! I could handle not being able to lift my arm too much to do simple hair washing, brushing and straightening, but found it harder to deal with having to wear clothes that did not cling to my groin/hip area as the swelling was all the way up. I could not wear jeans and spent majority of the time in pyjamas, leggings and track pants! Not that I have anything against those items I’m just a jeans girl and feel happiest in a pair of jeans!

Hubby was great and completed school drop off, pick up and ran me around after I spent 4 days basically in bed or the couch. I hadn’t seen the grocery store or any other retail store for that matter! Sitting was very uncomfortable and I couldn’t drive at that point either. I was partially kicking myself for adding in the removal of a groin lump into the surgery. I guess it did keep my mind a little occupied which could definitely be seen as a positive!

Wednesday night came about, this was the night before the appointment with the surgeon and getting my results back, so I sat down and wrote an entry that I thought I would place on my blog no matter what the results came back as. It may be a little confronting in some ways, but it is a raw and honest account of how I was feeling at the time! Should I post it? Is it too much? Will it offend some people, or maybe people will think what I have always known! I am quite different lol… The point of this blog was to share my journey so I guess in that respect I have to share it all… here goes….



Fran Jones
July 5, 2017 at 6:44 pm

Sending love , strength & positivity Cemon 💗
You are truly an amazing young woman,
Total respect for your bravery at this time & your ability to share your journey with us all xxxxxxx

July 5, 2017 at 7:07 pm

Sending you my love, stay positive , I know it’s hard, ❤️

Kaye Williams
July 6, 2017 at 5:16 am

Keep on keeping on darling… you are such a brave, strong, courageous woman… good on you darling for your strong resolve… but also allow yourself to grieve and be bloody angry, and compassionate and soul filled…. all at the same time…. you are human darling… ask to be carried and held high on creations shoulders, whatever that may be for you… we are never alone xxx

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